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703-443-1861 M - F 9:00 - 5:00 Leesburg, Virginia
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Custom ramps

Schaffer Construction – Designs for Life, a Loudoun County based Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS), specializes in providing aging in place modifications for our seniors and special needs remodeling services for people with disabilities.

We are an authorized dealer for TJ Rampit, a leading manufacturer of modular ramps systems.

We offer a variety of ramp options to fit your needs, such as portable or modular aluminum ramps, custom wood ramps and concrete ramps. We’ll plan, design, and install ramps that best meet your home accessibility needs.

We offer ramp rentals now for those with recovering mobility or those who have visitors that require better access.

Wheelchair ramp

Garage wheelchair ramp (Before)

This garage wheelchair ramp does not have railings. See the After photo.

Garage wheelchair ramp (After)

This garage wheelchair ramp now has more of a platform or landing and the ramp is offset to one side.

Custom Ramp Eliminates Step (Before)

‘Before’ photo shows a sloped walk and a step to get inside the house.

Custom Ramp Eliminates Step (After)

‘After’ photo. There is no longer a step and access into and out of the home is much easier.

Replacing a Step (Before)

Replacing this step with a ramp will make this area easier to navigate for someone in a wheelchair or walker, […]

Replacing a Step (After)

The step has been replaced by a ramp, and a wheelchair or walker can be used more easily.

Outdoor stair lift

Stairs aren’t an obstacle anymore.

Outdoor stair lift

Stair lifts can be installed outdoors too.

Aging in place ramp

Wheelchair access from driveway to house.

Complete access ramp

From driveway to front door.

Custom outdoor ramp

Built to fit your requirements for entry.

Custom ramp inside garage

Wheelchair access from garage to house.

Exterior threshold

A smooth threshold for wheelchair access.

Graspable hand railing

Provides safety navigating those few steps leading from the garage into the house.

Platform lift in garage

Provides access from the garage to the indoors.

Platform lift

This lift provides access from garage to indoors.

Outdoor lift for wheelchair

Provides access from driveway to front porch.

Platform lift

This custom-built platform lift provides a safe way for a person using a wheelchair to move from the outdoors to the […]

Platform steps

Platform steps make it easier for someone using a walker to move from the garage to the indoors.

Porch threshold ramp

Easy transition from porch to indoors.

Custom ramps

Smooth transition from ramp to deck.

Custom threshold ramps

A custom piece of plastic was made to fit in the metal track that can be removed when the door […]

Threshold Ramp

Provides easier access into and out of the home.

Threshold ramp

This threshold ramp provides a barrier-free entrance.

Threshold ramp

Smooth transition from outdoors to inside.

Wheelchair lift

Allows resident to move from garage to house.

Wheelchair lift

This lift provides access from the ground level to the entrance level for the house.

Outdoor wheelchair ramp

Safe access from driveway to porch.

Custom ramp

Wheelchair access from car to house.

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